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  Bearing industry trends? It is reported that China Bearing 65 years, from the production of a small number of agricultural bearings specifications, the development of the production of industrial and military use of sophisticated bearings, with an annual output of 800,000 sets to the present annual output of 2.8 billion units, 50 years increased 350 times , Accounting for 10% of the world bearing annual output, listed in Japan, the United States, Germany, the fourth largest country outside. In 2002 the international market bearing annual sales of 30 billion US dollars, of which China is 3 billion US dollars (about 25 billion RMB), accounting for 10%.
  2016 bearing industry trends are as follows:
  Since the reform and opening up, especially after 92 years, China's bearing industry in which the external macroeconomic environment is very favorable, the industry has a larger space for development, West to East, West to East, South Water Transfer, the Beijing Olympics, the Shanghai World Expo World-class key projects bearing products supporting the demand will inevitably lead to a faster growth in bearing market share.
  An increase of about 8%, due to the US anti-dumping, China's bearing exports will be curbed, key industries, key products will appear strong trend, the focus of engineering, mainframe support and maintenance products to focus on value-added products into value. In addition, there are air-conditioning compressor bearings, water pump shaft bearings, high-tech, high-reliability railroads, high-speed rail bearings, High-precision, low noise, sealed bearings, such as machine tool spindle bearings, motor bearings, computer soft and hard drive bearings; agricultural machinery bearings, three-wheel and four-wheel farm vehicles bearing the machine, passenger and truck bearings, large rolling mill bearings, engineering machinery bearings Wait.


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